Akwaaba To Aruba - the serene spot in Eastern Ghana


Akwaaba To Aruba - the serene spot in Eastern Ghana

Accra is undoubtedly the busiest, hottest and noisiest city in Ghana. With an estimated urban population of about 2.27 million, the nation’s capital is indeed no place for man to have ample rest and relaxation besides Work! Work! Work!

As the Easter Celebrations kicked off from the 30th of March, I figured it as a clear sign from above that it was time to take a break from everything I’ve gotten used to and literally stay away from everyone I knew. On a typical vacation, I’d lock myself up at home, eat all I can and watch as many movies [romantic comedies or Investigative discoveries] as possible or probably just go on a road trip to discover new places. I opted for the latter this time and finally settled on the Aruba Guest house on the Akuapem ridge area as my destination after it was greatly recommended by my most trusted source and maaan were they right!

With over forty rooms in the simple but beautifully crafted edifice, Aruba Guest House is recorded to have hosted a number of prestigious personalities and top officials who have the desire to enjoy nature’s serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Accra. The Guest house is situated on the Aburi Mountains and about 1km from the Peduase resort.  

The restaurant [which overlooks deeper into the Akuapem valley] has the most incredible lunch menu. Talk of the famous Ghanaian banku with well seasoned Tilapia or delicious and well cooked Ghana Jollof rice and mouth watering variety of sauces. Oh! And if your partner has mad love for food like me, you should try offering him/her the Aruba Banku with beef/pork pepper sauce when you visit the guest house (I call it “fast love connection”); they will be singing your praises in no time *winks*.

Now, Picture the streaks of sunlight making way through the tiny holes of the carefully hanged and partitioned floral curtains to gently caress the beauty of  a sleeping  face *lets out a gentle sigh and smiles*.

Or the nightfall on a cold mountain top, exposing a beautiful sky and an array of town lights from the country side. *exhales* nature has a way of making you fall in love doesn’t it?

Do say Hello to the ever smiley receptionist [Emmanuel] when you get there and do have some drinks on me! *cheers*

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