Brides With Benefits


Brides With Benefits

As the rays of the sun caressed the beauty of her face to reveal an angelic glow, he couldn’t help but ask himself ... did I make the right choice with her?

Vicky’s appearance was everything Douglas imagined his future wife would possess; the visibly enormous hourglass figure, the perfect chiseled face with the naturally contoured cheek bones and the beautiful radiant skin with a little caramel drizzle. Yes! Vicky definitely made him the envy of the day.

During their courtship days, Douglass paid less attention to the other qualities Vicky didn’t have like the ability to contribute sensibly to a conversation, the desire to gain employment or even start her own business, the desire to be phenomenal in any possible way”¦ she just didn’t dream! But Doug just couldn’t see all these and the most important fact that, she wasn’t at all religious. He was just blinded by the facial looks and all the “extra” dangling behind her with grace”¦ you could tell from how lost he looked whenever he gazed at her. *shrugs*

They finally got married; had a beautiful wedding and the most romantic honeymoon. Her family wasn’t average hence graced the occasion with prominent people in the society. The visibly excited Doug couldn’t just wait to carry his beautiful bride home; a bride he knew would bear him children with astonishing looks because that’s what his shallow mind at that time would permit him to think of. About a month after the wedding, life gave Douglass a rude awakening; he began to see His bride for who she really was.

Vicky hired a private chef to furnish them with their daily nourishment. Prior to that, they depended solely on restaurants and fast food joints for survival because Vicky always came up with one excuse after the other on her failure to cook. She neither had a job nor a business to attend to; so whenever Doug was away at work, she’d drive out to while away time or just watch tons of movies as the Chef busily prepared anything she’d order. At dinner, Doug would deliberately raise issues from the office in attempt to engage his wife in a meaningful conversation for once without being made to listen to the “increase in makeup products” or how good or bad the chef’s meal was or what sexual position she would be giving him that night. She was an active NAG and a bad conversationalist who could neither support nor hold her man down emotionally. All she ever did was to go on trips and shopping sprees at her husband’s expense and as if those weren’t enough, she’d ask him for more money to “run” the same home she never knew how to properly manage. Her major concerns were wrapped around her appearance, how good she wanted to look for her husband and how she could blow his mind with great sex every night. She had no active prayer life to make up for all those other qualities she didn’t have. She never encouraged him even for a night to pray together or on Sunday to go to church or even read the Bible. She was just there! Being a pretty empty vessel that saw nothing wrong with what was going on. In her mind, a wife was supposed to bear children, make love to her husband and breath-taking whenever they stepped out together.

Doug was soon unhappy, grumpy and was always burdened with the thoughts of managing both situations at work and at home. He had won himself a jobless glowing goddess for a bride yet he was lonely without a real wife; the fire within him had been quenched. He confronted her once about it and she promised (in tears) to work on being a better person for him but NO! It was just a facade. He saw himself always seeking excuses to not come home to his wife on a daily basis or stay home on weekends; in short, he started having multiple affairs with any woman who seemed available to listen to him. Had he made a wrong decision? How did he not see all of these “red flags” in her earlier?” There he was with a beautiful wife from whom he was emotionally disconnected.

Like Vicky, most women are consumed with irrelevant things in our relationships/marriages and ignore the most important things like building up ourselves enough to be fully responsible for our daily needs and also play the role of a supportive system effectively. Yes! We got to look ravishing at all times like we always do, Yes! We need to set our bedroom skills on fire, yes! We need to get our glam game on point but not without first feeding our brains with the “home and book” knowledge or finding something profitable to do with our hands. I don't need to be married to know that the daily management of a home is entirely dependent on both spouses not just the man. As a woman you should know how to make sumptuous meals, learn how to stay committed to whatever religion you find yourself and above all I believe in the power of getting/creating your own active and meaningful life before settling down.

The difference between a real "WIFE" and a "Bride with benefit" is that, the latter’s only time of usefulness in marriage/relationship is when it’s time to have sex or choose the next fancy place for a vacation and is concerned more about receiving from her partner than  Giving. Marriage should be a win-win situation between both spouses where one can support the other in hard times and compliment the other in areas he/she falls short.

 A bride with benefit will help you spend your money but not create it, A bride with benefit will solely rely on her man to provide her all she needs without contributing, she has no job outside of the home but is always too busy consumed with nothing and she’s imperfect like the rest of us but always the first to point out your imperfections in an argument. You can’t rely on her in times of financial crisis because she has nothing of her own. The only time she’d be useful to you is when you’re on top of her.

Single Ladies; are you on your way to being a wife or a bride with benefit? Married women, are you being a Wife or just another bride with extra benefit?  Is your relationship/marriage on fire when its sex time? Do you ever listen to your partner meaningfully?  Are you bringing something to the table aside your body and booty? Analyze!

cover artwork source google (Marie Johnson)

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