DIY Honey and sugar scrub


DIY Honey and sugar scrub

How does the thought of having a sweet face (literally) sound? The power is in your hands because you’re going to Do It Yourself (DIY). Right at home and in your kitchen where these two products combined work some magic, giving results better than some very expensive facial scrubs out there which do or do not work. Experiencing how effective this combo is may make you want to shoot yourself in the foot for splurging on all these scrubs in the past but not to worry, change is here!

Pure and raw honey is a better option because pasteurized/processed honey is rid of its nutritional value. I usually prefer sugar with larger granules compared to smaller or fine-milled granules and that’s only because I love to feel it rub and press against my skin, it almost feels like scrubbing and massaging at the same time.

Properly mix equal parts of honey and sugar and rub onto your face in circular motion, let sit for a maximum of 30 minutes or a minimum of 20. It’s best to apply this potion to wet face as opposed to directly on your face. The idea is so the sugar granules rub easily on my face without giving tiny cuts, the facial skin is softer and hence has to be treated with extra care. The next step is to properly rinse your face and don’t forget to moisturize!

Honey being a humectant helps to keep our face moisturized and aside being a journey towards acne-free skin, the scrub exfoliates and leaves the face feeling fresh, soft and pampered.

Best thing about this is it costs less than that scrub you’re using and so saves you some money, and you can find it right in your kitchen!

It’s a great combo! However, different things work for different people. You can keep at it once it works for you.

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