In a sexually perverted era like ours where one needs no proper permission whatsoever to enter into private areas, it is almost impossible to find a man who believes in celibacy before marriage. Who needs commitment when you can “Netflix and chill” for easy sex?

With regards to the industry this guy was a part of and how people from that industry have quite a number of ladies at their disposal, it was quite easy to place him under the Casanova category; but who would have thought that this man would be on the exact same journey as I was and for almost the same reasons? My mind was blown.

My journey started not long ago and it’s been both fulfilling and exciting. Two of the ladies in my tiny 5 member circle also admitted to being on this journey too and it felt so right to know that my girls shared in my belief to surrender our sexuality completely to our creator until the worthy man came along to get it in the right container [marriage].

So it all started from an evening conversation with my good old friend [I just like to call him Mr. Sarpong]. It was just the regular business talks and discussions on a new project we’re undertaking together. As the conversation got deeper, the focus shifted really quick from getting our work finalized to spirituality and relationships. The people closest to me know how I am attracted to wisdom and maturity and I do enjoy switching up conversations with Mr. Sarpong because he had an in-depth knowledge about life in a really fascinating way. I mean he’s only twenty-seven (27) but he appeared way too experienced and incredibly wise for his age. He made shocking revelations on how he made a personal decision to stay celibate till he found that one woman worth settling with. [How dope is that?]

Sarpong basically wanted to make it special for his future wife but aside that, he made a covenant with God to stay so till marriage. Having casual sex with people in the name of “love and horniness” was absolutely no way to live as a young man. To him, self control has everything to do with the mind and how firm you decide to stand in Christ.

There’s nothing sexier, than a man who is crazily on fire for God; is matured mentally, physically and emotionally; knows what he wants and isn’t ashamed of declaring his faith. To find someone like that in an era where everyone is busy being selfish, deceitful and counting on their sexual conquests would take grace! before I moved up to this stage in my faith [after having one hell of a life], I already knew what I wanted in a man; one who would help cultivate me spiritually, physically and emotionally, matured, honest, confident about commitment, stands by his word and above all at peace with God before any other thing.

Curious to find out what triggered the desire to do so at such a young age he said, like many great men in the bible, I made a covenant with God at age seventeen (17) to surrender my sexuality to Him completely in exchange for spiritual upliftment and wisdom in all my endeavors. I was troubled at that age in my life because I had some internal struggles with unseen forces. I wanted to soar higher in life but my circumstances made it impossible to push with my strength. I watched as my peers relied on the pleasures from having sexual relationships with multiple women to find fulfillment and self worth but I just knew it wasn’t what I stood for. I wanted more and I knew that accumulating soul ties with grave consequences onto my life would retard God’s plan for my life. Unlike some others, I really did not believe in chasing everything in skirt to just fit in with the norms because there is more to life than just that; I wanted more for my life and that included enjoying a “curse-free” future where my descendants will bless my God and honor my memory. I wasn’t perfect but I just knew that the answer did not lie in going on a sex spree in the name of loneliness.  Whenever I was in a gathering with some of my peers I would feel like the Grinch but that just took me back to the story of the popular teenagers in the Bible [Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego]. They refused to succumb to worshiping a mere mortal king who they knew was beneath their God. They were casted into the fiery furnace for their disobedience but the spirit of God dwelt with them in the furnace and they survived. In addition, the entire kingdom was commanded to serve the most High God alone and that was the level of upliftment I desired; a level where God would work supernaturally in all aspects of my life. I was basically in love with God and was holding on to all the promises he had made me. Few months after the covenant, my life changed for the better and it was no joke. I got what I was looking for and even more; what did he say? “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.” God is not a man that he would lie or play with your heart; he supplied my needs and gave me more than enough. Sexual sin is the easiest way to corrupt the soul and abort God’s plan for your life. I’m glad I did this and I’m not ashamed to proclaim His works to the world and also encourage other young men to follow suit. Sex before marriage should not be a norm and I would advice all ladies that, if your man refuses to stay celibate with you and opts for satisfaction with other women then he’s not yours. The one who really needs you will wait”

Now that’s a keeper. This man has restored my faith in humanity and motivated me to push harder on this journey without looking to the left or right but to focus on the ultimate goal, JESUS! Now do you believe it when they say that there still good men out there?

From this point I knew that Sarpong’s girlfriend was damn blessed [yeah he’s already taken]. To have a man to cover you spiritually in these times where men are usually passive with life is a gift. I am equally fortunate to be surrounded with like-minded people who watch and push me harder to embark on this incredible journey.

Let’s just say that the agenda to obtain unmerited favor from the Lord has just begun for me and I look forward to giving a “daily manna” worth waiting for to my future spouse.


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