Reasons Why Some Women Cheat on Their Partners


Reasons Why Some Women Cheat on Their Partners

Never expect a good woman to play her part when you have other women auditioning for her role.- anonymous

I was nurtured in an African society where men who cheat on their spouses are not often criticized. Once a woman goes down the same alley, she becomes an abomination in the eyes of the community and tagged as a prostitute, or an ‘ashawo’ as termed in my local dialect. Perhaps she felt unloved, ignored and neglected hence activating her primary desire “to be loved” which naturally pushed her out to go find it elsewhere. (but that doesn't make it right anyways)

I’m sure most of us have been in relationships where we suddenly found ourselves heartbroken because our partners cheated on us for some “mediocre” reason? Perhaps you didn’t notice when your actions triggered that horrible change in them but I’m pretty sure they tried to draw your attention to your ill-actions and attitude which unfortunately fell on deaf ears.

 Here are some points I managed to put together after sampling the views of some Ghanaian women who stated a few reasons pertaining to their cheating acts:

1.     Some Women tend to cheat when they no longer feel the care and attention they once did from their partners. ”“ The fire of every woman in a relationship is ignited with a little care and attention. Once those elements are taken away (knowingly or unknowingly), it gives room for fear, doubt and anxiety. Women are like tender babies, we always get attached to excess constant care and attention and find ourselves following those people who give us this feeling of warmth but once that is taken away, we get comfortable with the next available person who showers us with these major elements we seek.


2.     Some women will move away when their partners are no longer supportive nor bring out the best in them. ”“ Behind every successful man they say is a woman; and just as most men rely on the moral support of their partners for growth, most women tend to need it more. If all a man brings to the table are accusations, abuse, emotional torture, unnecessary comparisons and indecisiveness, his lady will move away to seek for those previous qualities in other willing men.

3.     Some women also cheat when the sex isn’t great ”“ this is the sad truth. Some women are only attracted to Sex! Sex! Sex! To them, nothing beats a great steamy intercourse with an awesome foreplay as the icing on the cake but also taking into consideration, the size of their partners’ manhood. One of the ladies I had a chat with, narrated how she found herself desiring for other men when she couldn’t derive enough pleasure from her man. She saw herself gracing the bed of other men who gave her the satisfaction and carried “the perfect” size she desired. So I guess size matters too?


4.     Others also tend to cheat when you don’t feel good to them spiritually. One other thing some women look out for in a man is a great spiritual system. Aside looking good to them physically, you should also feel good to them spiritually; you should be able to pray for her and with her. You shouldn’t be ashamed to discuss religion with her; you should also be willing and ready to grow with her spiritually. When she sees that you fall short of these points, she will look for that religious brother out there who will be willing to go on that spiritual journey with her and once she does, the other dude in the picture will slowly fade out. Some of these sisters may juggle both men and hover around them like flies. When they see a spiritual upgrade/growth in the previous guy then they consider letting the new dude in the picture leave. (Even that isn’t assured)


5.     When other ladies are placed above her: trust me on this one, no one woman wants to feel inferior or like an option to her man; we want to be yours and yours only without a sense of competition. Once you make a woman feel like she has to fight all the time just to prove her worth in your life while you busily entertain others, she will just walk out the door into the arms of that other man who will be willing to catch her and lock her in. she might not necessarily tell you (that’s why it’s called cheating) but before you realize, she’ll have a whole future planned out with this new beau.

6.     When their partners refuse to act and make matured decisions. ”“ There is nothing sexier than a man who can act and think for himself without any external intrusion. Women are considered to mature faster than men hence the need to find an equal in our relationships. Every woman needs a real man who will compliment her intelligence and way of thinking so as to create a balance. Most women who find themselves with childish male partners often find themselves attracted to men who possess the matured quality and aren’t afraid to go steady.  A man who makes bold and great decisions about the growth of his relationship, his personal life and career without necessarily seeking external counsel from his buddies or others is a total turn on! Maturity attracts, childishness repels and intelligence is absolutely sexy! Take a cue.


7.     Others threw in the general “money” card. ”“ No money, no love! She chanted when I asked what exactly made her cheat on such a loving partner. For some women, it’s all about the “mula” baby! The love of these kind of women is only activated when you throw in the paper. All she desires is that you sponsor her every need when it arises without any sort of complaint. Once there isn’t enough to spend, she will definitely cheat on your sorry self with the next “king mula.” So to have her around all the time with devout attention, just keep working hard enough to keep the cash inflow super stable.


If these are the reasons some women cheat, then it would be interesting to understand why some men also do same. Get in touch via

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