Tales from Evandy - My Boyfriend Couldn’t Keep It in His Pants


Tales from Evandy - My Boyfriend Couldn’t Keep It in His Pants

It all started when patience was introduced to Skido through Samira her roommate who played the role of a “middle woman” perfectly. After weeks of being fully convinced by her, Patience finally gave in to skido and started what seemed to be the most romantic relationship ever.

She spent almost every weekend cooking and hanging out with her campus boyfriend. Oh! She cleaned, cooked, run errands and in addition, warmed the bed of this undeserving being. This routine went on for two years before she got to know the caliber of man she called her beau. Like a typical young lady in love, Patience made it her responsibility to go check on him on his side of the Evandy New Block all the time and it was on one of those days that she figured it all out for herself. 

It was well over three days since Patience had set eyes on Skido after being diagnosed with malaria; and he had made no effort to follow up on her well being. The visibly worried Patience tried reaching out to him on phone but all to no avail so she gathered all her disappointments and made her way to the side of his block.  

“Skido!” “Skido!” she yelled after continually knocking on the door without a response. She slid her fingers through a rip in the window and slightly shifted the curtains to enable her peep through; there was the shock of her life. Skido was seen walking towards the washroom (butt naked) as a lady turned over on his bed also naked! At this point she needed neither interpreter nor a prophet to elaborate on what she had seen. She gathered the pain she felt within her spirit and gave three last thunderous knock amidst yelling and crying.

Skido, not knowing that his deeds had already been exposed (thanks to the rip in net window) came out fully dressed, “oh babe you’re here! He exclaimed. Are you better now? Sorry but, I have to go to the main campus for my notes from Killa so let me holla at you when I get back.” She managed to utter some words, “Was the sex so good that you forgot about my health? Who is that lady in your room?” he then denied heaven and earth that there was not a single soul in his room. After that ridiculous lie, he hurriedly walked away and left her behind. She intended on going back into her room but y’all know that in such cases, there would always be that tiny voice inside which pushes us to act fast to satisfy our curiosity. She paid attention to that voice, pushed the unlocked door open and there was the lady relaxing comfortably on Skido’s bed. She joined the unknown lady to wait for the arrival of their man”¦lol.

The lady in her beautiful sex glow placed a call to the guy in question ranting out that she had to go home. She packed up after a few minutes and made her way downstairs without uttering a word to Patience. Skido later came in with a first attempt of trying to hug patience but she snubbed and demanded for an explanation from him. Oooooh! come and see lies! He claimed the lady to be his cousin”¦ cousin k3? Who has ever has a martini (self made synonym for hot afternoon sex) with a cousin? Who? She run back to her room in tears and skido being the Casanova he was, followed her up and went down on his knees as a way of expressing his apology but it was all a show!

After three weeks, skido was at play again in the most “desperate for extra sex way.” Every hostel had a gang of renowned bad chics who are mostly acknowledged for their mysterious sexy ways. They would leave guys begging them for more even if it demanded that they (guys) are treated like trash.  Dorothy’s (a renowned campus doll) obsession with Skido was no news at Evandy hostel but it was never imagined that he would literally give in to her some day.

Like she was used to doing every weekend, Patience went about her routine of cooking and cleaning for her man like he had already put a ring on it. After a passionate steamy sex, she rested her head on the chest of her man but that was interrupted by two of his friends who stopped by to play video games. Skido after receiving an anonymous phone-call told patience that he needed to get something from the shop downstairs to which she agreed.

She stood on to the balcony for some fresh air and saw her beau rushing to the old block which accommodated the renowned doll; it then struck patience that skido was off to see “Dorothy the hoe” for more sex. As confirmation, She overheard his friends in his room say in Pidgin English, “but skido too he fool o! You get fine Patience paaa like this but you still dey go chop falaa.! Dorothy only go give am gono.” She stood still on the balcony till Skido walked out of the old block and that marked the end of the relationship. Patience later discovered the series of sexual affairs skido had during their three year campus relationship.

Why throw away a good girl for a hoe? How would you describe patience in this situation? Should she have given him a chance again?

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