She walks the walk, talks the talk and represents every man’s desire. She’s never up for freaky Fridays or sultry Saturdays yet still had noble gentlemen in the chase towards winning her heart.

She’s Eugenia Prempeh, the beautiful worker at the local library in town who possessed the beauty and body of a goddess. Though mostly covered in decent clothing, she knew just how to flatter and work her curves. Regardless of her physical assets, the twenty-seven (27) year old was adorned with a meek and a gentle spirit by her creator. She was intelligent, eloquent and had an enviable entrepreneurial drive. She kept her relationship with God intact and never missed a day of church service. She wasn’t ‘holier than thou’ and had a ton of flaws from both past and present she was trying to do away with.  Though alone in the capital, she kept her dignity intact and never gave room for others to see the worst of her. however, she managed to put some chronic fools who tried to take advantage of her in their exact place. 

Her intelligence and willingness to help others made her admirable by all, including Mace Acquah, the renowned media personality and millionaire who had recently moved into the small town at the outskirts of Accra. He asked around about her and tried to be friends with this lady who stood out from the crowd. In his research, he gathered that she was raised by a single mother who passed away when she was just a teenager. She’s worked several menial jobs to keep her life afloat and after graduating from the Teachers training college, she settled in to help revive the town’s only library. As you’d imagine, some others who were obviously envious of her had nothing great to say; they called her a whore, a goody-goody, a pretentious liar who survived on the money of some “big men” who lived out of town but that wasn’t enough to quench Mace’s desire of getting to know her personally.

Fate smiled upon him when he caught up with her about packing out of the library after a day’s work and that’s where it all began. He asked, “Hi Eugenia, glad to have caught up with you on time, Do you have a minute?” she turned to him with a smile, well you already started with it sir but unfortunately we’re closed for today and ...” he cuts in immediately no no! It’s nothing about the library, it’s about you. I’d like to talk to you.” He managed to convince her to walk her home and made his “friendly” intentions clear. “Oh my bad! Pardon my manners; I forgot to give my name, I’m Mace Acquah and I work with Media Generale in Accra.” She giggled in response “I know who you are. Your interviews are all over social media plus you’re always in the news for wearing fancy clothes on various red carpets so yeah I see you quite a lot.” He laughed with her, had a meaningful conversation and got to know more about her personality including her tiny temper plus her two failed relationships.

That evening paved way for more surprise visits, lunches and evening walks. Eugenia cared less about his status and treated him like an every other person in town.

Though from two different worlds and backgrounds, they grew fond of each other and fell madly in love after a year of platonic friendship. Eugenia became the mystery girl who stole the heart of the media personality and had him wrapped around her fingers. Mace’s dates with Eugenia were quite simple and not as “lit” as with the other women in the capital; he started ticking out her qualities on his invisible sheet; intelligence, great features, decency and charisma but wondered if she’d be the same bore in bed as she is on dates. She always played coy, was incredibly intelligent and smart (book and streetwise) and full of humility.

He invited her over to his house one Saturday to catch up on their new favorite series [claws]. As they lay cuddled up on the fancy couch, Eugenia surprisingly slipped her fingers down Mace’s pants for a little “downtime” which sent shock waves to Mace’s brain, giving him a full blown erection. Then came in the tongue action and the moans and groans; did their clothes come off? Yes hun! They certainly did. Eugenia slowly slipped off her cute denim dress revealing her super sexy lingerie over an incredible body. Mace sleekly popped the bra hooks open to explore her perky boobs. Eugenia then whispered, “l got you baby”Ã'¦ let me WORK you out.” *plays with his ear lobe with the tip of her tongue* “you been patient with me, you deserve all of this” *rolls her eyes and rubs her hands all over her curvaceous body*. After a few minutes of erotic foreplay, she stood up [stark naked] to flaunt her figure with a slow twirl, rounding it up with a booty wiggle. Mace was just helpless, “where has she been all my life?” He asked himself.  They had what he described as the best sex ever and he never seemed to get enough of her.

He popped the question eight months later to make it all official. He told everyone including his fans about how he’s found the girl of his dreams and how she’s all that he needs to survive and is blessed with every quality he needs for his kids to adopt, including her temperament.

Eugenia, now Mrs. Acquah is highly intelligent, has the domestic qualities of a real woman, 70% understanding and cooked like crazy. Aside what most outsiders saw and admired from afar, she kept her love for Mace intact, apologized when wrong, tried her very best to forgive easily, kept her job at the library, continued to care for others and still made ample time to serve her man with some private dance lessons.

Mace made me realize that aside the significant outward qualities every man looks out for in a woman, they sure will consider themselves favored to find an intelligent selfless lady who is religious and wouldn’t mind being their very own private Stripper!


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