Why Daily Penetration is Medicinal For Women


Why Daily Penetration is Medicinal For Women

We are entangled in a world where sex is mostly seen as beneficial to males ONLY thus, creating a thick shadow over the actual beneficiaries, women!

Sex is a beautiful well crafted art that could be likened to the vast activities occurring in a trade market scene which normally involves two main players, i.e. “givers/buyers” (men) and “receivers/sellers” (women). In the world of trade, givers or buyers tend to lose more stash after obtaining what they need but the receivers on the other hand earn extra.  That’s almost exactly how sex works! Men pump in more energy and only get pleasured when it’s time to unleash “the cum” NB: Take note of the strong physical vibrations from their lower body and weird facial expressions. Whereas women in their glowing and moaning facial beauty enjoy and benefit more from the art. TIP: if her legs aren’t shaking then she’s faking.

Science have propounded compelling facts on the medical benefits of sex to women so before you start whining about how the activities in hard day’s work wear you out; take a deep breath, Relax and observe the below listed points:

1.    Daily penetration helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. ”“ as compiled by endocrinologists, women who have sex more often have more regular menstrual cycles than women who partake in the art less frequently.


2.    Increases DHEA (Hormone that boosts immune system. Produces healthier skin, and decreases depression). Giving you a much younger looking skin and shiny hair. You’re welcome!


3.    Sex helps to lower acidity in the abdomen and helps to reduce stress through the reduction of cortisol (the stress hormone).


4.    Daily penetration serves as a great workout for women. - Next time you go horse riding on top of your man, try wiggling your waist with intense passion without necessarily moving your entire body. That’s a great exercise for your waist line! Squatting on top of your man also makes a great workout for your Butt and thighs.

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