Your ERECTION is not your DIRECTION !


Your ERECTION is not your DIRECTION !

It’s about time some fellas got to fully understand the above in bold, underlined, italic letters in addition to having them engraved on their skulls as a reminder.

It’s not a secret that all men were blessed with two heads [the first head filled with brains and resting comfortably on their shoulders and the other brainless mushroom shaped head buried deep in their pants] Sadly most of the brothers out here are led and directed throughout most of their lives with the latter than the former. Directions and agendas are being diverted and wasted because most brothers are only moving according to the desires of their erection.

The question here is, does it always have to be about sex for most young men? Must you always start new “pretend” relationships only because you desired to see and have a feel of what is “beneath that skirt?”

Truth is, most men are in unhappy relationships/marriages and even careers/jobs [surprised?] because they paid heed to the signals of their erection than the authentic messages from their brains; When you allow yourself to be directed and defined by your erections your life becomes EMPTY.

Observe this of this scenario

There is a known thought in my country (Ghana) that the realest and deepest conversations happen in a “tro-tro” (commercial bus). Some years ago I boarded a vehicle from my old residence in Achimota to my Junior high school in Taifa.  I chose a seat in front of an older man and lady who seemed to me at that time a bit awkward together. Soon a ministerial convoy swung by with loud sirens as all vehicles made way for the convoy and that was when I heard the most pathetic thing. The man who sat behind me then bursted out in my local dialect, “that could have been me in that convoy, but this lady hooked me up with the sweetest thing that made me lose interest in pursuing my master degree studies and what I actually wanted to do with my life, she got me stuck with her and our kids.” Other passengers in the vehicle continued in laughter and for some, even admiration because he gave up his dreams for “love,” for real? Even at that young age, I knew that this man had already screwed up and had his entire direction in life diverted by a onetime erection [he sadly mistook for love]. He had become a baby daddy and eventually a husband to a woman he may even be no longer in love with. The course of his life had changed and there he was, expressing his regrets on a commercial vehicle; He had become his erection!

As a young man, it is your responsibility to be a LEADER in your own right. You are an epitome of strength, wisdom, dignity, inspiration and creativity who must live a life worth emulating. You do not exist to just go about creating loveless sexual relationships for innocent women who are thirsty and are willing to give up anything to be cuddled up with a man.

Be a man of purpose, a man of truth and integrity who knows what he is about and stands by word; not just a random aimless man without a brain or a job who “falls in love” when the weather gets cold.

Always be firm and do not allow your youth to be wasted by irrelevant sexual escapades with women you many not even remember after five (5) years. When you copy blindly from your peers or go by the expected “norms” of the 21st century where you’re measured by the various kinds of women you get down and dirty with, you create room for unhealthy attitudes and habits; you tend to lose your God-given anointing/favor for attracting goodness and end up broken and surrounded by counterfeits.

Be decisive and diligent in all your ways and when you decide to get down make sure it’s with just ONE woman and while at it, do not let go off your dreams and ambitions. Don’t create uncomfortable situations/marriages/relationships for yourself by running after women because the sight of them gave you an erection [which to you must be satisfied]. Don’t lose yourself by pursuing sex, sex, sex and nothing but sex. Don’t lose your respect. Can you wait? Can you till the earth and “WAIT” with that deserving woman to settle together before you allow your erections to fully function?

In short, be the man you would want your daughters to settle with. Be the kind of man you wish your sons would be. It’s not too late to take charge of your life to avoid being defined by your erection.

Self control is key!

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